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Sebastian Korczak

PhD in mechanics
Master of science in mechanical engineering
Born in 1986, live in Poland
Research and teaching assistant at The Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering - Warsaw University of Technology


Publications & conferences:
- Sebastian Korczak, Chaotic behaviors of an underactuated system in the trajectory tracking task, Archive of Applied Mechanics, Special, 1-2 vol. 88, Online First, 30-09-2017 (Full paper, DOI: 10.1007/s00419-017-1297-y);
- Sebastian Korczak, Nonlinear behaviors of underactuated systems in the trajectory tracking task, Recent advances in Mechanics. Book of abstracts, 9th German-Greek-Polish Symposium, Orthodox Academy of Crete, Kolympari, Greece, September 2016 (Book of abstracts);
- Sebastian Korczak, Dynamics and stability of underactuated systems with input coupling​, PhD thesis, abstract, Februar 2016;
- Sebastian Korczak, Dynamics of underactuated mechanical systems in control task​, 3rd Polish Congress of Mechanics - Gdańsk, 8-11 September 2015 (Book of short papers);
- Sebastian Korczak, Control of underactuated systems with coupling input forces, GAMM 86th Annual Scientific Conference, Lecce - Italy, March 2015; (abstract);
- Sebastian Korczak, Coupling inputs problem in underactuated systems (in Polish), XI Konference „New growth directions in mechanics”, March 2015;
- Sebastian Korczak, Tracking control of an underactuated rigid body with a coupling input force, Archives of Control Sciences nr. 3 vol. 24, 2014; (full text);
- Sebastian Korczak, Autonomous underactuated vehicle prototype, V International Conference "Mechatronic Systems of Vehicles and Construction Machines", Nov. 2013; (poster);
- Sebastian Korczak, Application of image analysis in active safety systems, XXII Ogólnopolskie Sympozjum Bezpieczeństwo w Pojazdach Samochodowych, Nov. 2013;
- Sebastian Korczak, Tracking control of an underactuated vehicle, Symulacja w Badaniach i Rozwoju Vol. 4 No. 4/2013 (full paper (in Polish), DOI: 10.2478/acsc-2014-0019);
- Sebastian Korczak, Tracking control of an underactuated vehicle, proceedings of XXth workshop by Polish association of computer simulation, June 2013;
- Sebastian Korczak, A prototype of vision based driver assistance system, Proceedings of the Institute of Vehicles 4(90)/2012; (abstract, full text);
- Przemysław Króliszewski, Sebastian Korczak, Online game development with Burster: Dynamic text & better camera control, Blendercat magazine: edition issue 3, p. 13-20, 2012; (spanish version, english version);
- Sebastian Korczak, Semi-active vibration damping in oscillatory systems forced by displacement including loss of contact with the ground - diploma thesis; (abstract)

Research interests:
- underactuated systems
- modeling of dynamical systems
- control and numerical simulation
- image analysis
- mechanical vibrations

- Programming a Robotic Car (CS373, Udacity, 2012)

Experience in teaching:
- classes and laboratories in mechanical vibrations (in Polish)
- classes in mechanics (in Polish)
- lectures, classes, projects and laboratories in theory of machines and automatic control (in Polish and English)

Prizes and awards:
- best Faculty teacher (lectures) in 2017-2018
- best Faculty teacher (classes, projects, laboratories) in 2015-2016
- best Faculty lecturer (classes, projects, laboratories) in 2014-2015
- second category prize in XIV contest for the best master thesis at the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering 2009/2010
- academic scholarships in years 2006-2010, 2012-2013, 2014-2015,

Private Interests:
- programming (C/C++/Python/Java/PHP, Windows, Linux, 8bit AVR)
- electronics
- 3D printing
- 3d graphics
- genealogy

Other activities:
- Burster project (

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