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Underactuated systems - input coupling problems

Sebastian Korczak
(Research started in December 2012)

Publications & conferences:
- Sebastian Korczak, Control of underactuated systems with coupling input forces, GAMM 86th Annual Scientific Conference, Lecce - Italy, marzec 2015; (abstract);
- Sebastian Korczak, Coupling inputs problem in underactuated systems (in Polish), XI Konference „New growth directions in mechanics”, March 2015;
- Sebastian Korczak, Tracking control of an underactuated rigid body with a coupling input force, Archives of Control Sciences nr. 3 vol. 24, 2014; (full text, animation);
- Sebastian Korczak, Autonomous underactuated vehicle prototype, V International Conference "Mechatronic Systems of Vehicles and Construction Machines", Nov. 2013; (poster);
- Sebastian Korczak, Tracking control of an underactuated vehicle, proceedings of XXth workshop by Polish association of computer simulation, June 2013;

Additional videos

Video 1 from MyInventions on Vimeo.


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