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Niekraś and Niekrasz genealogy

(038; 24.07.2015; genealogy)


Gramps - multimedia import

(037; 08.09.2014; genealogy)

GEDCOM is a specification for exchanging genealogical data. *.GED files are plain text files with informations about persons and may contain links to images from web pages. After importing these files into Gramps 4.1 you need to restore multimedia database - that is the reason for publishing this special plugin. read more...

RepRap 3D printer

(036; 20.12.2013; 3d printers)

I have built my first 3D printer in July. I would like to show you a time-lapse video and a technical specification.

A prototype of vision based DAS

(035; 04.12.2012; processing, image analysis)

This paper presents theoretical basis and application of image analysis for propose of a vision-based driver assistance system that helps to drive and increase driving safety.

Interactive simulation and visualization of vibrations

(034; 04.12.2012; blender, simulation, burster, vibrations, matplotlib)

Here are some examples of simulations and visualizations of vibrating systems made with Blender and programmed with Python. Burster plugin makes it interactive.


(033; 25.11.2012; blender, simulation)

Here is a short report of two online courses from I've took this year. Blender was used to improve effects of a PID algorithm visualization. Forest fire simulation also included.

Webcam pulsometer

(032; 12.10.2012; processing, image processing)

This article shows a concept of heart rate measurement using webcam. read more...

Burster News and Games

(031; 11.08.2012; burster, blender)

This article summarizes two year of Burster development. Two professional online games made with Blender are also included. Article made for blendercat is mentioned.

Burster 3D - online games tutorial

(030; 10.08.2012; burster, blender)

Tutorial about using Burster for online Blender files publication:
Burster - online Blender Game Publications (in polish)


(10.08.2012; info)

Coming soon: new articles and projects. Now: english subdomain integration, whole content available througth

Accelerometer - part 2

(029; 10.02.2012; arduino)

Visualisation of acceleration data using Python script. more (in polish)...

Human Fractal

(028; 28.09.2011; processing)

Interactive installation made with Processing. watch video...

Arduino & Nokia 1100LCD

(027; 15.04.2011; arduino)

Simple test.

3D scanner - Blender 2.5 add-on

(026; 23.01.2011; blender)

3D scanner add-on for Blender 2.5 - project roadmap. read more...

Burster plugin - Blender at your website

(025; 31.10.2010; blender)

Burster project just started! Burster plugin gives an opportunity to put 3D content at website. Burster allows Blender's users to publish their 3D games, presentation and visualization as simple as photos and videos! read more...


(01.10.2010; info)

Niech Was nie zmyli brak nowych wpisów od długiego czasu, gdyż czas ten nie poszedł na marne! Uzyskałem dyplom magistra inżyniera, rozpocząłem pracę związaną z programowaniem w C++ a w mojej głowie lista starych i nowych pomysłów, które są o krok od zrealizowania. Już niedługo (w tym roku) nie lada gratka dla użytkowników silnika gier Blendera, coś dla wielbicieli skanowania 3d i analizy obrazów oraz kolejna odsłona niniejszej witryny (pora wykorzystać dobrodziejstwa php+mysql). Życzę zatem dużej liczby pomysłów, czasu na rozwój twórczości własnej i płynącej z tego satysfakcji.

3D scanner

(024; 21.02.2010; blender)

3D scanner prototype with digital camera, linear laser and Blender. more...
(updated 03.03.2010)

Textures controlled by velocity

(023; 03.01.2010; blender)

Textures colors controlled by objects velocity. Using Blender Game Engine. more...

Syntax-highlighting for Processsing code

(022; 01.10.2009; processing)


Blender Springs and Dampers

(021; 29.09.2009; blender)

Blender Game Engine extension scripts for dynamic Springs and Dampers. more...

Blender Live Shapes 2

(020; 23.09.2009; blender)

New version of Blender Live Shape system with webcam capturing direct to Blender environment. more...

Rotation measurement

(019; 17.09.2009; arduino)

Description of the angle measurement method using an incremental optical sensor and Arduino. more (in polish)...

Blender Live Shapes

(018; 06.09.2009; blender, processing)

Concept of real-time generating a 3D object in Blender based on webcam video. more...

New layout

(06.09.2009; info)

Many hours and a bit of jQuery. New layout and english subdomain are now available.

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