A prototype of vision based DAS

(035; 04.12.2012; processing, image analysis)

This paper presents theoretical basis and application of image analysis for propose of a vision-based driver assistance system that helps to drive and increase driving safety.

Webcam pulsometer

(032; 12.10.2012; processing, image processing)

This article shows a concept of heart rate measurement using webcam. read more...

Human Fractal

(028; 28.09.2011; processing)

Interactive installation made with Processing. watch video...

Video capturing

(016; 25.08.2009; processing)

About simple method of webcam capturing direct to Processing program. more...

Distance mesurement

(014; 12.08.2009; arduino, processing)

Concept of distance mesurement with laser pointer, webcam and Arduino. There's working prototype. more...

Video analysis in Processing IDE

(012; 06.08.2009; processing)

Color theory and manipulation. Image management in Processing. more (in polish)...
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