Interactive simulation and visualization of vibrations

(034; 04.12.2012; blender, simulation, burster, vibrations, matplotlib)

Here are some examples of simulations and visualizations of vibrating systems made with Blender and programmed with Python. Burster plugin makes it interactive.


(033; 25.11.2012; blender, simulation)

Here is a short report of two online courses from I've took this year. Blender was used to improve effects of a PID algorithm visualization. Forest fire simulation also included.

Textures controlled by velocity

(023; 03.01.2010; blender)

Textures colors controlled by objects velocity. Using Blender Game Engine. more...

Blender Springs and Dampers

(021; 29.09.2009; blender)

Blender Game Engine extension scripts for dynamic Springs and Dampers. more...
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