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26 months of Burster Development

Fast summarize:

- Burster project started on June 2010
- Goal: publish and play Blender files online, give possibility to share and protect files
- Our forces: Two developers: Sebastian and Przemyslaw
- First public stable release for Windows and Linux: October 2010
- Number of official releases: 9
- SVN repository: 206 commits, 7463 read and writes
- working hours: 1053 - Sebastian
- lines of code: 4979 (only mozilla plugin)
- changes committed to official Blender: antialiasing support and player embedding for Windows
- actual version: Burster 1.5.5 (Windows: 19.04.2012, Linux: 21.06.2012) - actual support: 2.49b and 2.62 Blender files
- platforms: Windows 32/64bit and 32/64bit Linux
- supported browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Chromium

More info: geta3d.com

RIORAID – return of the classic 8bits arcade game. In 3D!

Almost every man of the tribe of thirties used to break joystick playing River Raid. iTechnologie company just released game in tribute to classic 80's shooter. RIORAID takes the player in the well-known area – in 3D but with original pixelised world.
Gameplay was refreshed, we've added all necessary elements: scores, combos and Facebook integration. Climatic music sustains 8bits experiences.

Of course the whole game was made in Blender (2.62) and you can play it online using Burster Plugin (requires the newest version 1.5.5). You can download Burster Plugin for Windows/Linux 32/64bit here:
Burster download page
Play here: rioraid.com

Space Busters (inspired by Space Invaders)

Here is the first professional game made for Burster promotion. It is based on classic Space Invaders.
Play here: Space Busters at geta3d.com

Burster official tutorial for blendercat.org magazine

Here is official Burster tutorial about dynamic numbers and camera movement for Blender games:
3edicio_Blendercat_revista.pdf (in Spanish)

You can see online presentation, English tutorial text and source file here: Burster tutorial at geta3d.com

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