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Accelerometer - part 2

(029; 10.02.2012; arduino)

Visualisation of acceleration data using Python script. more (in polish)...

Arduino & Nokia 1100LCD

(027; 15.04.2011; arduino)

Simple test.

Rotation measurement

(019; 17.09.2009; arduino)

Description of the angle measurement method using an incremental optical sensor and Arduino. more (in polish)...

Virtual serial port

(015; 20.08.2009; arduino, processing, blender)

Virtual serial port usage overview for Windows platform. more (in polish)...

Distance mesurement

(014; 12.08.2009; arduino, processing)

Concept of distance mesurement with laser pointer, webcam and Arduino. There's working prototype. more...


(013; 09.08.2009; arduino, processing, blender)

Concept of acceleration mesurement for real-time control of 3D object.
more (in polish)...

Arduino to Blender

(010; 28.07.2009; arduino, blender)

Concept of real time communication between Arduino and Blender using Processing and Python scripts. more...

High frequency oscilloscope

(009; 23.07.2009; arduino, processing)

Signal measurement with Arduino with maximum refresh rate about 7500Hz. Processing visualization. more (in polish)...

Arduino oscilloscope

(007; 20.07.2009; arduino, processing)

Low frequency live oscilloscope with Arduino and Processing. more (in polish)...

Light intensity measurement

(005; 15.07.2009; arduino, processing)

Photoresistor + voltage divider + Arduino. Serial communication and visualization witch Processing. more (in polish)...

Simple voltage measurement

(004; 12.07.2009; arduino)

more (in polish)...

Introduction to Arduino

(002; 11.07.2009; arduino)

more (in polish)...


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