RepRap 3D printer
(036; 20.12.2013; 3d printers)

Here is a time-lapse video from builing process of my first 3D printer in July 2013:

RepRap time-lapse from MyInventions on Vimeo.


Model: RepRap Prusa Mendel from U-Design.
Extruder cold end: direct extruder.
Extruder hot end: UDS4.5 U-Desing: filament 1.75mm, nozzle 0.35mm, 12V 40W heater.
Print bed: 170mm x 155mm, 12V 140W kapton heater, NTC100K thermistor.
Motor: 5 stepper motors LDO 400steps, MXL 0.08" belt.
Bearings: 608RS and LM8UU.
Electronics: Sunbeam rev. B + 4 x Stepstick v0.1 (microstep 1/16).
Power source: ATX Opengate 500W.
Printer software: Marlin with some modifications.
Computer (host) software: Blender, Slic3r and Pronterface.

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